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ENRICH-0229 – Hist: America in 100 Maps (ENRICH-0229_MAPS)

America: Seeing the Past Through Maps

Over five centuries, America has been defined through maps. Whether handmaidens of diplomacy, tools of statecraft, instruments of social reform, or even advertisements, maps have been central to American development. They tell us what people knew, what they thought they knew, what they hoped and what they feared. As such, they offer unique windows onto the past and remain rich and underutilized sources of history. Join Susan Schulten, professor of History, for a two-night course that explores the way maps have both reflected and shaped America, from the voyages of discovery to the digital age. Together the class will examine materials that range from the iconic to the unfamiliar: maps that influenced exploration and imperial rivalry, national expansion and political conflict, immigration and settlement, and even cultural identity and social reform. Come away with a heightened appreciation for the ways that maps both illuminate and complicate our understanding of American history. To see the past through maps, visit

Two sessions
Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm, May 1, 8, 2019
Location: Room 453, Sturm Hall, DU campus

Susan Schulten is professor of History at DU, where she has taught since 1996. She is the author of A History of America in 100 Maps (2018), Mapping the Nation: History and Cartography in Nineteenth-Century America (2012), and The Geographical Imagination in America, 1880-1950 (2001). Her areas of expertise include Lincoln, the Civil War and Reconstruction, America at the turn of the century, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and war and the presidency.
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Location: University ParkMode of Study: In-personPlaces Left: 17Waitlist Places Left: 10Fee: $95


Days of the WeekStart DateEnd DateTimeVenueInstructor
Wednesday1st May 20198th May 201906:30PM - 08:30PMSturm HallSusan Schulten