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ENRICH-0419 – Nat/Sci: Intro to Quantum Mathematics (ENRICH-0419_MATH)

Introduction to Quantum Mathematics (Not for the Mathematically Challenged)

If you made it past the title, you might be right for this course. Did you like thinking about math and physics as a youngster? Do you find abstract thought interesting and fun? If you’re answering yes—keep reading. You’ve likely noticed the glaring omission in the many books, videos and courses on the nature of the physical world: the mathematical details. That’s unfortunate because those details demonstrate both the mystery and the beauty of the physical world. Join Paul Hemenway, an astronomer who worked on Hubble Space Telescope, as he explores the mathematics behind today’s research into particle physics in a course specifically designed for Zoom. Examine the world of complex vector spaces as representing the states of physical systems. Review the mathematics of quantum mechanics (QM) and examine the use of abstract linear operators to effect observations and measurements of the physical world. Consider the simplest of fully quantum systems: the two-state system. Compare and contrast the classical two-state system of flipping a coin with the QM two-state system represented by the spin state of some (abstract) entity. Time permitting, the course will outline the progression to continuous functions (“position” and “velocity,” for example) and probability density functions, which are at the heart of Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model of particle physics.

Four Zoom sessions
Mon., Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 2020, 6:30-8:30 pm MT

Dr. Paul Hemenway, who served on the astrometry science team of the Hubble Space Telescope, worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics on the astronomical aspects of the Gravity Probe B mission. He contributes regularly to DU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.
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Location: University ParkMode of Study: OnlinePlaces Left: 7Waitlist Places Left: 5Fee: $140


Days of the WeekStart DateEnd DateTimeVenueInstructor
Monday2nd November 202023rd November 202006:30PM - 08:30PMN/APaul Hemenway