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Office of the Registrar

Student Report Request

The University of Denver Office of the Registrar provides reports and data about students to constituents across campus that support instruction or program administration.

Requests will be directed to Institutional Research if the data from requests is intended for research or publication, or if the request requires data from multiple modules i.e. Financial Aid, Advancement and Student.

Student data is protected by FERPA and we govern access to student data by applying security access to reports. Student data must be used only for the intended purpose of the report and should not be disseminated to others.

The University of Denver uses multiple reporting tools to meet the various needs of users. The approach is to use the best tool for the job. Reports can be accessed in Banner, Cognos, DU Insights or ad hoc requests. Before requesting an ad hoc report review the available published reports below.


There are many Banner student reports that exist throughout the Banner system. Some are part of the Banner baseline product and many others were written by the University of Denver Information Technology group. General instruction on running Banner reports can be found here:

 Report  What it is  What is in it  Instructions

Departmental Student Report

Includes registered students for the selected term  Student demographic and contact info. GPA, Advisor  Can be run by Dept, Major, Minor, or Concentration Code
Degree Candidate Report
Provides a list of graduation candidates by term  College, Level, Term, Name, DU ID Number, Diploma Name, Status, Degree, ACAT, Major, Authorized  

GPA by Major

  Level, College, Department, Major, Class, DU ID Number, Name, Major GPA, Level GPA  

Student Summary

  Level, College, Department, Degree Class, Total Students (Continuing, New, Transfer, Re-Entry, No-Credit), Download Detail to MS Excel  

Instructor Courses by Term

  College, Department, Level, DU ID Number, Name, Course Number, Course Title  


Withdrawal/Attrition Report

Compares two terms showing students not registered Student demographic and contact info, leave of absence, withdrawal codes, graduation status Can be run by level, college, degree, major, or popsel
WSR3510   College, CRN, Subject, Course #, Sequence #, Course Title, Enrolled Students, Graded Students, GPA Related Grades, Mean, Median, Quality Points, Credit Hours, Download to MS Excel  



Cognos can be access through PioneerWeb. After logging in select the Executive Dashboard tab.

Report What it is What is in it Instructions
Course Scheduling      Search by Term, Department, College
Student General > Students with Un-Entered Grades Students with a blank grade  Includes instructor email and course information  Search by Term, College, Grade Type
Course Scheduling > DU Student Roster Roster of students by section   Search by Term, CRN, Subject, Registration Status


Ad hoc Reporting

Occasionally there is a need for a report or data that are unique and are not part of the reporting toolbox.

Allow 10 business days for requests. The time of year and report scope may influence the amount of time for turnaround.

Complete this form for the following kinds of requests:

  • Ad hoc data requests for Student, Classroom, Catalog
  • Requests for lists that you cannot pull independently from existing reports
  • Data and reporting project requests

Ad hoc request form

If you have questions or ideas related to data access and reporting, please connect with us at