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Office of the registrar

Registration Glossary

Alternate PIN:
a unique six-digit code that undergraduates use to unlock the registration screen for a particular term in PioneerWeb. Students get alternate PINs from their advisors during registration week. The alternate PIN system exists to ensure that students have a working relationship with their advisors. Therefore, students are assigned a new alternate PIN for every quarter.

stands for Academic Progress Report. The APR is a summary of an undergraduate student’s progress at DU toward finishing their degree program. The APR is available for viewing in PioneerWeb. An APR is for a students’ own viewing, intended as a guideline to give students a general idea of their progress. It is not an official record of their academic progress.

The name of DU's university-wide database software. All University processes happen in Banner. PioneerWeb is the portal, a web-based representation of Banner. Changes made in PioneerWeb update Banner, and vice-versa.

Continuous Enrollment:
A registration arrangement that allows a graduate student to keep his or her full-time status while involved in research, writing his or her thesis or dissertation, or both, and when all coursework has been completed. Continuous enrollment registers a student for eight credit hours for a quarter. Graduate students can apply for continuous enrollment in the Office Of Graduate Education and renew it every Autumn Quarter, but must still register for it each quarter. A student cannot be registered for continuous enrollment and be taking courses simultaneously.

Stands for course reference number. It is a four-digit code that is unique to every course section. CRNs are reassigned each quarter. For example, BUS 1400 section 1 in Autumn Quarter will have a different CRN than BUS 1400 section 1 in Winter Quarter.

Refers to the cost of tuition for students in programs eligible for the "flat-rate." Students registered for 12 to 18 credit hours are billed for the equivalent of 12 credit hours. Not all degree programs participate in the flat-rate tuition scheme , such as the Daniels College of Business graduate programs and the College of Law.

Independent Research:
An opportunity for students requiring credit for thesis or dissertation research, or other individual research in a subject, outside of normal coursework. Registration for independent research requires a completed and approved independent study/research form .

Independent Study:
An opportunity for a student to pursue special work under individual supervision in areas not covered by class offerings. Independent study cannot be taken instead of, or to modify, a regular course offered by a department. Registration for independent study requires a completed and approved independent study/research form .

The online doorway into the University's database. It allows students to access their academic and financial information, update their personal information and register for classes. Instructors use myWeb to manage their courses and submit grades. Employers and employees use myWeb to manage wages and tax information. Alumni can also log in to myWeb to view their academic history, print unofficial transcripts and request official transcripts. MyWeb is at To log in, the user must know his or her ID number and password.

When a student is registered for more than 19 credit hours (undergraduate) or 18 credit hours (graduate) in a term. An undergraduate can register for up to 19 credit hours, but in order to register for more, the student must obtain overload approval from an academic advisor. To take more than 18 credit hours, a graduate student must obtain approval from an advisor in their academic department. Taking more than 18 (graduate) or 19 (undergraduate) credit hours requires approval to ensure the student is capable of handling the additional coursework, as well as able to pay the additional tuition fees.

The six-digit code used to log in to PioneerWeb, myWeb, DU email and Banner.

Permit override:
Approval given for a particular restriction for online course registration, such as closed course, prerequisite and class restriction errors. Instructors can give students permit overrides in PioneerWeb, which will then allow a student to register for a course online without encountering the restriction the instructor has overridden.

Leave of Absence:
The term for when an undergraduate takes time off from his or her studies. It could be considered a "temporary withdrawal." The procedure for leave of absence is initiated in The Center for Academic and Career Development and completed in the Office of the Registrar.

The online customizable service of the DU network. Here, a student, faculty or staff member can access myWeb, calendars, weather, groups, course schedules, DU news, email and so on.

The term for when a student no longer wishes to be enrolled and stops pursuing a degree with the University. Undergraduates begin the procedure to withdraw in The Center for Academic and Career Development and in the Office of the Registrar; graduate students begin this process in Office Of Graduate Education.