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Common Curriculum

Official Common Curriculum requirements are outlined in the 2021 DU Undergraduate Bulletin.

Common Curriculum at a Glance:

  • The Common Curriculum promotes learning by engaging with students in various content areas, each designed to create a rigorous, inclusive, ethical, and liberating learning environment.
  • By enrolling in course work across diverse experiences, DU students cultivate critical thought and creative thought, preparing them for leadership and citizenship in our global society.
  • Undergraduate students typically take between 52 and 60 Common Curriculum credits, completed in the following categories:

     First-Year Seminar  4 credits
     Writing and Rhetoric (WRIT 1122 & WRIT 1133)  8 credits
     Language  4-12 credits
    Ways of Knowing:  32 credits
     Advanced Seminar  4 credits
     Total Credits  52-60 credits

      Note: Classes offered for Ways of Knowing may not be offered every quarter.

  • Students in the DU Honors Program should consult approved
    courses as some requirements vary slightly.

Common Curriculum Advising Video

Click here to view Common Curriculum Advising Video in full screen.

Click here to view Common Curriculum in the 2021 DU Undergraduate Bulletin