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New Student Registration


Before Registration - Please Complete the Action Items Outlined Below

New Student Registration July 20-24, 2020

Updated information for new student 2020 registration will be posted in spring 2020.

The courses you take in your first year at the University of Denver will give you tools and experiences to help you clearly define your interests and goals for advanced study. To help you start down that trail, we've collected all the tasks and resources you'll need to start your college career on the path to success. Don't forget that registrar's office staff and academic advisors will be on hand to assist you with any questions. Once you have completed registration, you can look forward to connecting with your classmates and the rest of the DU community!

For important summer dates and deadlines see the Undergraduate Admission website and the Discoveries Orientation website.


Submit AP, IB and Transfer Credit (DEADLINE: ASAP)

Confirm your official AP and IB scores are going directly to DU, and submit official concurrent/dual enrollment college transcripts as soon as final grades are posted before June 20th. AP and IB scores are scheduled to be received by University of Denver in large batches approximately July 5th.

To request your AP scores sent to University of Denver (school code 4842), you should do so the day of your exam(s), but you can also make the request afterwards through the AP portal.

To order your IB scores be sent to University of Denver, if you make the request before July 5th you should contact your school's Diploma Program Coordinator to submit a request to IB on your behalf. For requests after July 5th, IB graduates can request for their transcripts to be sent to colleges directly by placing a request through the IB portal.

Transcripts must be received via a secure online transcript service or in a sealed envelope directly from the college/university to be considered official.

Photocopies, scans, faxes, emails, and any other unofficial electronic or paper transcripts will not complete this requirement.

Please have transcripts sent to:

University of Denver
Undergraduate Admission
2197 South University Boulevard
Denver, CO 80208-9401

For the most updated information on transfer credits and submitting official transcripts,  please see the Office of the Registrar's website.

To see how your transfer credit was received (please allow time for your credit to be processed), see your degree audit.

Set up DU email and remember DU ID number (Deadline: ASAP)

Log in to your email address at Check your DU email address regularly (every 3 – 5 days), DU will communicate with you through this email. When you deposited at DU you received an email (at the email address you applied with) that includes set-up instructions and your 9-digit DU ID number. If you need additional assistance, please contact [email protected] or see the DU Support webpage.

Log in to PioneerWeb (Deadline: ASAP)

Familiarize yourself with PioneerWeb, an easy-to-use and secure portal with DU information tailored specifically for you. Your access to PioneerWeb provides unlimited opportunities to explore and learn more about DU before you come to campus. PioneerWeb is also the site you will use to register for classes.


Participate in Advising Webinars (RECORDED WEBINARS NOW AVAILABLE)
Complete language assessment exam (AVAILABLE: ALL SUMMER)

See the Center for World Languages & Cultures website for the most updated information (if applicable for your degree).

Students are exempt from the language assessment exam for the following:

  • Students who want to study a language that they have not previously studied (start at 1001 level of desired language).
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
  • Bachelor of Music (BM) students may choose between eight credits in one foreign language or eight credits in scientific inquiry.
  • Non-native English speaking international students should contact the English Language Center.
Complete Math Advising Tool (AVAILABLE: ALL SUMMER)

Math Advising Tool (if applicable for your degree).

Math assessment requirements

The math advising tool is for all incoming students. Depending on their intended major, transferred math courses and other considerations, the math advising tool will indicate which math course, if any, is required. If MATH 1200 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences or MATH 1951 Calculus I is required, the math advising tool will administer a math proficiency survey (approximately 45 minutes) to test the level of preparation for these courses – the score will be recorded and students will receive a recommendation concerning math courses by email in early July.

Majors that require Math 1951 or Math 1200

  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business (all degrees)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Science (Bachelor of Science degree only)
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Molecular Biology
  • Physics

For information on how to interpret your score use this document.

Plan Several Fall Quarter Schedules (AVAILABLE: ALL SUMMER)

Students should create three course plans before new student fall quarter registration. Students typically take 16 credits (4 courses) during their fall quarter. All first-year students must take an FSEM. Transfer students are not required to take an first-year seminar (FSEM). It is recommended students watch our recorded advising webinars before creating course plans. To create course plans, students should:

  1. Select 3 - 5 top FSEM choices.
  2. Read about the Common Curriculum.
  3. Refer to the sample course plans in our bulletin and explore which classes are required or recommended for your degree.
  4. Watch our instructional registration videos to learn how to navigate our registration system and then make three course plans.

You can explore specific class offerings in PioneerWeb > Student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | Plan Ahead. When planning, keep in mind additional seats in some courses may be available during new student fall quarter registration (July 15 – 19), however, students should create at least three sample course plans and remain flexible.

Advisors will review new student schedules in August and work with students during Discoveries Orientation to address any unresolved schedule challenges.


Check registration time (time ticket) in PioneerWeb (AVAILABLE: July 2nd)

Starting July 2nd, you can check your registration time ticket in PioneerWeb. Your registration time ticket tells you the earliest time and date you can register for the Fall classes. You can find your time ticket by logging into PioneerWeb. Navigate to your student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | My Student Profile > Registration Notices (upper left corner) > Your registration time ticket will be displayed starting July 2nd. Make sure you have selected autumn quarter 2019 in the upper left hand corner. If you have holds that prevent registration they will also be displayed here, make sure you have zero holds by the start of your registration time ticket.

Video instructions on how to view your registration time ticket are also available.

Accept DU's billing agreement (AVAILABLE: ONCE YOU HAVE DEPOSITED)

All students are required to sign a yearly Billing Agreement. The Billing Agreement commits you to paying your tuition and fees each year while at the University of Denver. You will not be permitted to complete registration until you electronically sign this agreement. A registration hold is placed on your account until the agreement is signed. To view this hold and complete the agreement, please log in to PioneerWeb. Once there, click the Student tab, and navigate to "My Statement | Billing Agreement". Video instructions on how to complete the agreement are also available.


AP and IB results are received in large batches the second week of July. It can take at least a couple of weeks to process these scores and subsequently award the appropriate transfer credit. Please log in to Pioneer Web > Student (tab) > My Profile > Prior Education and Testing (left hand side) and your scores will be displayed. If they have not been received by the beginning of your registration time ticket, please refer to the DU AP or IB equivalencies information to guide your registration.

For AP scores: Log in to College Board and verify that your scores were sent to school code 4842.

For IB scores only: Use the IB portal to send IB scores to DU, once your scores have been sent, email [email protected] and notify them your scores have been sent to DU. Please include your name, DU ID and mm/yyyy that you took your IB exams in your email.

To see how your credit, including transfer credit, was received (please allow time for your credit to be processed), see your degree audit.


You can register for classes within 24 hours of your deposit deadline (if you deposited after July 23rd). Students who deposited earlier in the summer are able to register now.  You will be unable to register if you have any holds on your account, complete your billing agreement and submit proof of immunization to ensure you can register. You can register by logging in to PioneerWeb > Student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | Registration.

Registration will be easier if you register for classes using a laptop or desktop computer, not your mobile phone. To guide your registration, refer to the five steps below:

  1. Watch our advising webinars.
  2. Select 3 - 5 top FSEM choices (First-year students only).
  3. Read about the Common Curriculum.
  4. Refer to the sample course plans in our bulletin and explore which classes are required or recommended for your degree.
  5. Watch our instructional registration videos to learn how to navigate our registration system.
Verify you have registered for classes (AVAILABLE: ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED)

Log in to PioneerWeb after you have registered for classes and navigate to your student tab. Select your first quarter term (e.g. fall quarter 2019) in the drop down under Student Grades and your course schedule will be displayed.

When you are in the registration system, pushing the "Add" button next to a class puts it into the "Summary" box on the lower right-hand side of your screen, as a pending course. However, you must push "Submit" in the lower right-hand corner to register for a course. If you have added courses to your Summary but did not register for them by pushing "Submit," you will need to search again for classes to add to your schedule. You are registered once the Status in the Summary box says "Registered" in green instead of "Pending" in light grey.


Alternate Format Text Request(Deadline: August 12th)

Students approved for the academic accommodation of Alternate Format Text (AFT) through the Disability Services Program (DSP) should submit book requests by the week of August 12. This will better ensure that textbooks will be ready before classes begin but requests can be submitted at any time. Please submit a request form for each desired textbook. Requests can be made by completing this Alternate Format Text Request Form.

For more information about accommodation request visit the DSP webpage or call them at 303-871-3241.


Attend Discoveries Orientation (September 2nd – 6th)

For the most updated information on Discoveries Orientation see the Discoveries Website.

Some students may be required to attend pre orientation programming, such as international students, students participating in Denver Promise, ELI, eSTEM, JETT, Native American Scholars, Pathways Scholars through College Horizons, 1GenU, or VIP. Keep an eye out for these communications, as your move-in may be a different day and you may need to make travel arrangements accordingly.

Secure textbooks for Fall Quarter (Deadline: September 9th)

The University of Denver Bookstore has you covered with all the right course materials. With just a few easy steps, you can see all the course materials you need for every class you are enrolled in, get them in your cart, and be on your way to a great quarter! Simply log onto PioneerWeb and click the student tab. From there click on registration and register for classes. Once you select a term, you can see all current classes scheduled. After clicking a specific course you will see the materials required. Look for the Bookstore Links section of the page and click on DU Bookstore after selecting the link. See the exact item you need on the bookstore homepage and click on add to cart. Select the best text option for you - rental, digital, used, or new. Repeat these steps for each class. Reach out to the bookstore with any questions at 303.871.3251.

Step-by-step textbook instructions



First Quarter Advising

Transfer & AP/IB Credit

Registration FAQs