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Office of the Registrar

Academic Policies


Download our academic policies and procedures for undergraduate students (PDF) to find critical information, such as:

  • how to set up advising sessions to register for classes and track your academic progress
  • policies, restrictions and approvals (including alternate PINs, holds, approvals and enrollment status) that impact your registration eligibility
  • procedures for withdrawing from and re-entering the University
  • how to keep your contact information updated with the Office of the Registrar
  • abiding by the University's Code of Student Conduct, and consequences for violations
  • understanding the University's quarter and interterm systems, and its use of academic credits
  • guidelines for graduation and completing your degree with honors


If you're a graduate student at DU, download our graduate policies and procedures (PDF) for academic requirements, including information about:

  • the Office of Graduate Studies and its oversight of all graduate admissions, students and programs
  • student behavior and conduct
  • the University's graduate certificates, degrees, concurrent candidacies, joint PhD programs, and formal and flexible dual-degree programs
  • various types of enrollment statuses in graduate programs
  • course numbers, types, credits and grades
  • financial aid
  • internships, fellowships and graduate assistantships
  • personal rights and responsibilities, such as leaves of absence, health insurance, and tuition and fees
  • graduation procedures and requirements
  • filing academic appeals, grievances and more