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Office of the Registrar

Grading Guidelines for Faculty

It is of utmost importance that you take note of the following points concerning grading. Not following published grading policies puts the University and our students at risk of losing federal financial support. Specifically, we must follow institutional policy when assigning non-passing grades such as fail (F), never attended (NA), no pass (NP) or null (grade not reported). Please also review the revised Incomplete (I) Grade Policy which is printed on the Application for Incomplete Grade form.

Reporting Grades: It is critical that grades be reported for all registered students in a timely fashion. For federal financial aid purposes, non-reported grades may be considered as failing. This can result in financial obligations for the student. Please do not hold back grades for a class when waiting for additional work from one, or a few, students. A grade must be entered for every student, but not necessarily all at once. You may enter grades for some of your students in a given course at one time and return to enter grades for additional students later.

  • Incompletes: The student must initiate the request for an incomplete (I) before the end of the academic term. An incomplete (I) is a temporary grade which you at your discretion may give to a student. The assignment of an incomplete grade is appropriate when circumstances beyond the student's control, such as illness or necessary absence, have prevented the student from completing your course requirements by the end of the academic term. Only students who have attended your class through more than 60% of the term are eligible to receive a temporary incomplete grade.
  • Never Attend: Assign a Never Attended (NA) grade to students who registered for your class (and appear on rosters) but never attended class. Although the grade of NA is counted as an F, it is a means of marking the course so that any possible registration problems can be reconciled for the student.
  • Failing Grades:Failing Grades: If a student ceases attending class or submitting assignments (and has not earned a passing grade), and if the student has not made arrangements for an incomplete (I), a failing (F) grade must be assigned. A Last Attend Date must also be entered for any grade of (F) assigned. If the student attended the course in its entirety and the student earned the grade of (F), please use the last date of the term as the Last Attend Date. If the student has withdrawn officially from the course, the grade of W will default on your grade roster.
  • Last Date of Attendance: Federal financial aid rules require institutions to record a student's last date of attendance if the student ceases attending a class. Last date of attendance appears on web and paper grade rosters. It is now very important that we know that a student received a failing (F) grade because he or she ceased attending class. In cases where you do not have an exact date, an estimate should be provided (e.g., last assignment date).
  • Grade Changes: Changes of earned grades are permitted only to correct an error in grading. Grade changes (excluding Incompletes) are not allowed for the completion or revision of course work, or the submission of additional course work.
  • In Progress: You may leave the grade blank for courses which have been approved to carry over into subsequent terms (e.g. Independent Research). The course will remain IP (In Progress) until the final project is completed.
  • Students should not be permitted to attend courses for which they have not registered.
    The University of Denver does not allow retroactive registrations. You can view accurate, updated class lists at PioneerWeb under the Faculty tab.