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Office of the Registrar

Priority Registration

Priority Registration is so named because matriculated students are given priority to register for classes before new students as well as most non-degree visiting or special status students. Matriculated continuing and eligible returning students are given a priority time assignment on the number of credit hours completed.

Priority registration time assignments are scheduled for one week following a scheduled advising week. Registration times are assigned to all students based on credit hours completed and credit hours in progress. With the exception of varsity athletes and students needing special accommodations, students with the most credit hours register before students with fewer hours. In order to benefit from the priority time assignment, students should enroll at or soon after their assigned times. Students should not, however, miss class to register.

Varsity athletes, students who need special accommodations and honor students are permitted to register the Friday before priority registration week.

Continuing (currently enrolled) students are expected to register for the upcoming term during priority registration.

Re-admitted and Returning Students
Matriculated degree-seeking students who are not enrolled in the current term will not be assigned a registration time ticket for priority registration for the upcoming term. Students in good academic standing who are returning to the University after taking a leave of absence of one or more terms are eligible for priority registration provided the appropriate University official is notified prior to the first day of the scheduled priority registration period.

Once the request for readmission is processed, a priority registration time will be assigned based on hours completed at the end of the last term attended. Courses in the process of being transferred to the University from colleges or universities attended during the leave of absence will not be included in the calculation for the priority time assignment.

Check your Registration Status

Find your time assignment and registration status by logging in to PioneerWeb. You'll select the myWeb tab, click "Student and Financial Aid," then choose, "Check your Registration Status."

Priority Registration extends up to but ends the first day of the quarter. Although registration remains open to all students through the first five business days of the quarter, registration beginning on the first day of the quarter is considered Late Registration. All students (continuing, new, returning stop-outs and readmitted) who do not register before the first day of the quarter are assessed a late-registration service charge that cannot be waived.

Once registered, students may drop and add courses freely through the fifth business day of the quarter without financial penalty.

If you're eligible for priority registration, but are having trouble registering for classes, contact the registrar's office at 303-871-4095.

Priority Registration Dates