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Office of the Registrar

Instructions for Faculty Registration Permit Override

  • Log in to PioneerWeb using your DUID and Password
  • Once logged in, select the MyWeb tab
  • Choose "Faculty and Advisors."
  • Click on "Course Toolkit"
  • Select "Registration Overrides" from the Course Toolkit menu.
  • Select the Term and Year: Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer Quarter or Interterm 200X or Fall, Spring or Summer Semester (College of Law)
  • After you select the term, you can search for student by DU ID or name. If you don't have the students ID you can search by last name, first name or both. If you are uncertain of the spelling of a name, enter one or more letters followed by the percent sign (%). After entering the name, select All. Click the submit button and the student (or students – a name search may result in several names) will appear.
  • Select the appropriate student from the drop down and click again on submit.
  • Once the student is selected you can choose the appropriate registration overrides for any of the courses that you teach. Click on the drop-down box under "Overrides." Your override options will appear. The descriptors are self-explanatory. Choose an override such as: "Closed Course." The drop-down to the right will show the courses you are teaching. Select the course you are overriding. If this is the only permission you are giving, click the submit button. You may want to give additional approvals for this student. For example, this course requires your approval regardless as to whether it is closed or not. In this case you will select the "Instructor Approval" override in the next block under "Overrides." And once again, select the course under the "Course" block. Continue in this fashion until you have given all of the appropriate overrides. Once finished, click on the submit button. This may seem cumbersome but it is valuable because it allows you specificity. For example, if you intend to waive prerequisites for a student but do not intend to allow the student to enroll if the course closes, you can give permission to only waive prerequisites. By so doing, the student will be blocked from the course if it reaches capacity before the student attempts to enroll.
  • For full courses in which an override for seat capacity is made, the student must search for the course by CRN in order to add the course. Full courses will not have the "add" button available in the course listings. Students, if having difficulty, should be directed to search for the course by CRN in order to add the course.