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Office of the Registrar

State Refund Policies


Students in the state of Wisconsin will have tuition refunded using the University Institutional Refund Policy with the following exceptions:

  • Students have the right to cancel enrollment until midnight of the third business day after receipt of notice of acceptance and are entitled to a full refund of any tuition and other monies paid such as deposits or application fees. Refunds for cancellation will be paid within 10 days.
  • If the University cancels or discontinues a course or educational program stated in the Enrollment Agreement, the University will refund all monies paid for that course or program.
  • Students may see the Right to Cancel Form.
  • Students who withdraw before completing 60% of the term are entitled to partial refunds, prorated in accordance with Wisconsin state policies. The pro-rata refund is calculated by the number of class days remaining in the term after the last day completed, divided by the total number of class-days, rounded down to the nearest 10%. The pro rata refund percentage will be applied to tuition and other required costs paid by the student for the term. A one-time application fee of $100 may be assessed.
  • All efforts will be made to refund prepaid books, supplies and other charges unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or returned.
  • Refunds will be paid within 30 days of a student's official withdrawal.


Students in the state of Maryland will have the following refund policy:

  1. Except as provided in §B of this regulation, an institution's refund policy shall conform to this regulation and the institution shall provide for refunds of tuition to Maryland students as provided in this regulation.
  2. If an institution's refund policy is more beneficial to Maryland students, the institution shall follow its refund policy and provide for refunds of tuition to Maryland students as provided in that policy.
  3. Minimum Refund.
    • The minimum refund that an institution shall pay to a Maryland student who withdraws or is terminated after completing only a portion of a course, program, or term within the applicable billing period is as follows:

      Proportion of Total Course, Program,
      or Term Completed as of Date of Withdrawal
      or Termination
      Tuition Refund
      Less than 10% 90% refund
      10% up to but not including 20% 80% refund
      20% up to but not including 30% 60% refund
      30% up to but not including 40% 40% refund
      40% up to but not including 60% 20% refund
      More than 60% No refund