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Office of the Registrar

Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

New tuition rates become effective with the fall term unless noted. Tuition and fees are accurate as listed as of the date of publication but are subject to change without advance notice.

Tuition for Undergraduate Programs, Graduate and Professional Schools

Credit Hours Tuition
1 $1,199
2 $2,398
3 $3,597
4 $4,796
5 $5,995
6 $7,194
7 $8,393
Credit Hours Tuition
8 $9,592
9 $10,791
10 $11,990
11 $13,189
12-18 $14,388
Over 18 $14,388 + $1,199 Per Hour over 18



Programs with specific tuition rates: Per Credit Hour unless otherwise noted
Continuous Enrollment $50/quarter
Daniels College of Business Graduate Programs $1,199
English Language Center $317*
Daniels College of Business Executive MBA Program-FY16 Cohort $14,760/quarter
Daniels College Professional MBA course rate-FY16 Cohort $1,290
Graduate School of Social Work Distance Program $660*
Intermodal Transportation Institute $959
Sturm College of Law (semester hour) $1,474
Summer Publishing Institute $4,526/quarter*
Graduate Taxation Program $993
University College Graduate & Certificate Programs  $599*
University College Undergraduate Programs  $562*
Colorado Women's College $523*
  *Rates Effective Summer 2015


Student Fees

Technology Fee $4 per credit hour
Undergraduate Activity Fee Academic Year:
0-5 credit hours -$0/quarter
6-11 credit hours -$39/quarter
12+ credit hours (includes RTD College Pass) - $120/quarter
12+ credit hours (RTD College Pass) - $43/quarter
Graduate Activity Fee $53/quarter
Sturm College of Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee $90 (only first semester JD students)
Sturm College of Law RTD Pass $65/semester
Sturm College of Law Activity Fee 1-11 credit hours -$20/semester
Sturm College of Law Activity Fee 12+ credit hours - $30/semester
Sturm College of Law Activity Fee (Tax Students) 1-11 credit hours - $13/quarter
Sturm College of Law Activity Fee (Tax Students) 12+ credit hours - $20/quarter
Colorado Women's College Activity Fee $90/quarter
English Language Center Activity Fee(RTD College Pass) $43/quarter
English Language Center Program Fee $30/quarter
Korbel School of International Studies Student Fee $30/quarter (graduate students only)
Music Fee $95/quarter
Health Services Fee Academic Year:


For information on housing expenses, click here.

Financial Aid Financial assistance is available for most DU programs. Click here for information from the Financial Aid Office.

Billing Information
Click here for information from the Bursar's Office.


  • Students who have not registered by the first day of classes will be assessed a late fee.
  • Certain classes are billed individually by class.
  • Certain classes also carry supplemental course fees.