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Office of the Registrar

Steps for Withdrawing from the University

These instructions for withdrawal are for students in the following programs:

  • Traditional undergraduate Students
  • Graduate students in the following programs:
    • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
    • Daniels College of Business
    • Josef Korbel School of International Studies
    • Graduate School of Professional Psychology
    • Ritchie School of Engineering Graduate Students

Students in Graduate School of Social Work, Graduate Tax Program, Sturm College of Law, University College (Graduate and Undergraduate) will need to contact their registration office to initiate withdrawal from the University.

Step 1: Discuss your decision

If you are considering withdrawing from the University, you should consult with campus resources to determine whether a withdrawal is appropriate. Discuss your options with your academic advisor within your college, or a counselor to determine whether a withdrawal is the appropriate course of action.

  • Undergraduate Students
    Consult with your major advisor or the Center for Academic Advising 303-871-2455  
  • Graduate Students
    Consult with your program advisor.
  • International Students
    Consult with International Student & Scholar Services about visa status and withdrawal 303-871-4912.
  • Athletes
    Consult with advising in Athletics and Recreation to review how withdrawal may effect scholarships and eligibility 303-871-2193
  • Veterans benefits recipients
    Contact the Veterans Affairs Coordinator in the Office of Registrar from information on benefits implications with withdrawal 303.871.4878.
  • Other resources include:
    Health and Counseling Center, 303-871-2205
    University Disability Services, 303-871-3241
Step 2: Notify Us of Your Intent to Withdraw
  • All Students (except those in the College of Law, Graduate Tax Program, and University College) must complete the withdrawal from in PioneerWeb in order to initiate withdrawal.
  • Students in College of Law, Graduate School of Social Work, Graduate Tax Program, and University College must notify the registration office within their unit in order to officially withdraw.
Step 3: Timing of Withdrawal
Timing of withdrawal may affect tuition refunds. Students will be notified of additional necessary actions once the withdrawal form has been submitted.
  • Consult the Registration and Billing Calendar for information on:
    1. Deadlines for dropping courses
    2. Tuition refund periods and financial liability
  • Withdrawal after the 6th Week of the Quarter
    1. Students withdrawing after the sixth week of the quarter are no longer in the automatic withdrawal period. Student is required to obtain instructor signatures. Students will be given additional information and instructions after submitting the withdrawal form.
Step 4: Withdrawing with Intent to Return (Temporary Withdrawal)
Personal Leave of Absence
Students who withdraw from DU with the intent to return will indicate the quarter they intend to return while completing the withdrawal form on PioneerWeb.
  • Undergraduate Students
    • Undergraduate students may re-enroll up to five calendar years from the time the student withdraws. Students should submit official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar from any institution they have attended while not enrolled at the University of Denver. Students seeking to re-enroll after more the five calendar years must reapply for admission.
  • Graduate Students
Medical Leave of Absence
Step 5:  Permanent Withdrawal
Students who wish to withdraw from the University permanently will initiate withdrawal
  • Graduate students should communicate the decision to withdraw permanently from the graduate program in writing to their department.

Other Matters Related to Withdrawal:

Maintaining Contact
  • Update your addresses via PioneerWeb
  • Your University email account will expire in 90 days. Plan accordingly.
Student’s Financial Liability:
  • It is the student's responsibility to know and abide with the University's payment and refund policies. By completing registration, you agreed to pay the total amount of tuition and other charges set forth, whether or not you attended these courses. It is your responsibility to drop any courses you do not attend, or do not plan to complete. Please review your signed Billing Responsibility Agreement on PioneerWeb
  • Determine your financial liability
  • Check your account via DUPay, to see if you owe money to the University. Additional charges may appear up to 6 weeks after you withdraw. You may check your balance and accounts through DUPay. Students with a credit balance may request a refund from the Bursar’s office. Contact 303-871-4944 with billing questions.
  • Contact the Bursars Office, 303-871-4944, if you have a Federal Perkins loan, a short term loan, or if you need debt counseling to pay an outstanding account balance.
  • Check the book return policy at the DU Bookstore, if you want to return books purchased at the University of Denver Bookstore, 303-871-3251.
  • Contact Parking and Mobility Service 303-871-3210, regarding parking permits or holds due to unpaid citations.
  • Contact Academic Commons Library, 303-871-3707, to return library books and take care of overdue book fines.
 Financial Aid
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid, 303-871-4020, to have an exit interview and to adjust your aid.
    • Student employees must stop working of the date of withdrawal.
Health Insurance Coverage
  • University of Denver Health Insurance coverage may be interrupted or discontinued. To learn more about the coverage, students should consult with the staff in the Health and Counseling Center at 303-871-2205.
University Housing
  • Contact the Office of Housing and Residential Education, 303-871-2246, if you signed a contract. You will need to check out of the residence halls and turn in your key. The housing rate may be prorated depending on when you withdrew.
  • Contact Office of Housing and Residential Education, 303-871-.2246, if you signed a lease.