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DU Research & Scholarship

Research & Scholarship


High Volume Producers at DU

These 14 researchers represent the top 10% in terms of money spent in FY2015 of the approximately 150 researchers on campus with active external research dollars. Listed in order from largest dollars spent to smaller.

1 Clements, Douglas Morgridge College of Education
2 Comstock, Anne Graduate School of Social Work
3 Metsger, Linda Graduate School of Social Work
4 Leake, Robin Graduate School of Social Work
5 Wilmot, Leslie Graduate School of Social Work
6 Eaton, Gareth Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
7 Valavanis, Kimon Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
8 Hankin, Benjamin Department of Psychology
9 Sarama, Julie Morgridge College of Education
10 Moyer, Jonathan Josef Korbel School of International Studies 
11 Furman, Wyndol Department of Psychology
12 Stanley, Scott Department of Psychology
13 Russo, Joseph National Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology Center
14 Enos, Sarah Department of Psychology