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Ricks Center


Ricks Center for Gifted Children

This is where we belong!

Ricks Center is a place for children who have strong convictions, who are more intense, more curious and more innovative than their peers. Ricks Center is a place for children who are deeply sensitive, funny, intelligent, passionate and more.

2018-2019  School year

Now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year 

Preschool - 8th grade, please call 303-871-3715 or email for more information or to schedule a tour

save the date - summer at ricks

We are excited to announce our 2018 summer programming: Summer at Ricks

Summer at Ricks blends fun summer activities with rich learning experiences. Campers entering preschool – 8th grade will enjoy weekly themes and specialty camps ranging from Grossology to coding and more. 

Programming will be divided by age, and by internal and external providers. Internal programming will be taught by our fabulous Ricks staff. While our external providers are highly sought after throughout the Denver Metro area. Some of these groups will include Coding with Kids,Play-well TEKnologies Lego, 3D printing, and much more.

School's out - camp programming

Not sure what to do when your kids are out of school?  Join your friends at Ricks for our Ricks @ DU camps!

Camps will be held on following dates: (Dates correspond to the Ricks Center and DPS school schedules)

  • Feb. 19th 
  • March 2nd
  • March 26th– 30th
  • April 2nd 
  • April 24th 

 For more information, please contact Maggie Wright

 *You do not need to be a Ricks Center student to attend Ricks @ DU camps.

Student spotlight -8th graders and "fahrenheit 451"

Eighth grade students were challenged to teach each other about either structuralism or feminist criticism in "Fahrenheit 451".    All presentations had to include:

• Description/overview of your theory
• Main points of study in this theory
• Kinds of questions someone asks when using this theory to perform a close reading
• How this theory works for F451
• Elements of this theory in F451
• Some responses from the activities in the reading

Structural analysis of Farhenheit 451     Feminist Theory

parenting gifted chidlren

What do you wish someone had told you about parenting gifted children? 

We welcomed Anne Wolf, our Curriculum Director, to talk to parents about raising gifted chidlren.  For more information, or to see notes from her presentation, please click here. 

While here, Anne shared some words of wisdom she has received about raising gifted children. 

N. - teacher of gifted kids, mom of 3 young adults, 2 who are gifted
"If I could do it again, I would listen more and direct less. Worry less and trust more. Provide opportunities to mess about with various things—blocks when very young, travel when older, electronics, animals, etc. Provide more encouragement than criticism."

K. - mom of a 2-E high school student - dyslexic, math whiz, ice hockey star
I wish I would have educated myself much sooner about how the gifted mind works. ...  Enjoying their process and encouraging all that exploration (despite the mess it can make) is really important. Remind yourself frequently about how fortunate you are to have these "problems".

M. - resource teacher in Florida, mom of a gifted HS junior
Someone who is not a parent and not related is the best person for them to turn to for guidance. Teach them that accepting that you're different is 100% awesome. Also learning how to fail and accepting not looking smart at all times is great. Learning how to value effort over intelligence.  Being aware that everyone doesn't always have resilience or know how to fail.

In their own words

"My favorite thing about Ricks Center is that you never have a day without doing something awesome."

 - Ella, age 8

"The teachers always find a way to get us interested and challenge us, so that we are always learning."

-Holden, Age 13

"They help me feel proud because they help me through the work that I need to do, and it just makes me feel proud of myself like I can do anything."

-Tilly, age 8