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Ricks Center for Gifted Children

Ricks Center

This is where we belong!


Ricks Center for Gifted Children is an innovative leader and model for gifted learning.

Ricks' mission is to empower intellectually gifted children to thrive and achieve their full potential. ​

​We purposefully uncover and tap into students' interests in order to spark and fuel the passion in their minds. ​

We nurture both the intellect and heart, opening new worlds for our students, and preparing them to do more and go further than they ever thought possible, both now and in the future.

This is Ricksfinity!

Admissions update

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year for Preschool - 8th grade.  For more information about the application process, please visit our admissions page

Application deadlines:

Early Childhood applications - January 22, 2021

Primary and Middle School applications - January 15, 2021

Financial Aid applications - February 22, 2021

Please visit our admissions page or email for more information or to schedule a virtual tour.

save the date

Summer at Ricks logo

Even though there is snow on the ground... it is time to start thinking about summer! 

We are excited to announce our 2021 Summer at Ricks camp offerings.   Registration will open on Monday, January 11th.  

Who: Campers entering Preschool - 6th grade

When: June 7-August 6

For more information about Summer at Ricks, click here or contact Maggie Wright 

from the classroom...

The countdown has started.... the eggs have been placed in the incubator and there is great excitement in class!

Students look forward to this every year, this time we were just delayed a bit due to the Pandemic.  Our first grade students will be hatching chickens in class! The eggs were placed in the incubator on Tuesday morning. Incubation usually takes 21 days, so starting on a Tuesday gives us a good chance of the chicks hatching when we are there to witness. The next few weeks will include wonderings and learning...

Egg to chick project

faculty focus

Meet our fearless leader, Craig Harrer...

When he isn't busy meeting with students, teachers or parents- you might find Craig teaching a math or debate class, out on the basketball court with students or participating in a virtual middle school social (yes, he did dance.) Wherever you find him, we are very grateful to have him here at Ricks!

Craig is a lifelong innovator, teacher, coach and champion for change in the field of education. He specializes in creative solutions that exist "outside the box." Craig's passion is the implementation of shared leadership structures that create socially just, equitable and sustainable school teams. He is a student focused and community driven leader. A Denver native, Craig's visionary approach helped develop and run the Denver Green School, an innovation school in Colorado for over 6 years. As a consultant he has collaborated with Denver Public Schools to create new school leadership competencies and implement growth and guidance systems. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at the University of Denver. Craig has served in many roles throughout the education sector, including working as a paraprofessional, technology and special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, lead partner and leadership consultant in his over 25 years of educational service.

Craig- Faculty focus


"My favorite thing about Ricks Center is that you never have a day without doing something awesome."

 - Ella, age 8

"The teachers always find a way to get us interested and challenge us, so that we are always learning."

-Holden, Age 13

"They help me feel proud because they help me through the work that I need to do, and it just makes me feel proud of myself like I can do anything."

-Tilly, age 8