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Ricks Center for Gifted Children


Curriculum and Beyond


At Ricks Center, we embrace and nurture the artistic side of our students through a strong arts education program that enhances the academic abilities and cognitive functioning of gifted children.  Our talented teachers, all experts in their fields, endeavor to meet the needs and encourage the creative passions of each and every student through innovative lessons in visual arts, music, and dramatic arts.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program encompasses four areas of art: aesthetics, art history, art criticism, and art production. The goal of this program is to respond to the developmental stages of children by exposing them to age-appropriate activities that increase their visual awareness of the world around them.  Our instructors foster creative self-expression, individuality and self-confidence by providing in-depth experiences and personal reflection.


The Ricks Center Music Program provides an environment in which an individual's emotional involvement with music can joyfully and intuitively merge with theoretical understanding of the structure of music. Our music curriculum creates meaningful synthesis between academic subject matter and the many aspects of music, including aesthetic contributions, historical elements, mathematical relations, and technical components.  Movement to music also is emphasized to enhance our students’ cognitive and motor skills.  

Dramatic Arts

The Dramatic Arts Program provides exceptional learning experiences for all students, with special opportunities for children who demonstrate talent and/or interest in theater. Through unit study, students participate in writing scripts, creating and rehearsing shows, role playing, set design, and performing. Many Primary and Upper School students participate in all-school productions of scripted plays and musicals.  Additionally, artists in the community often are invited as guest teachers, including professional dancers, improv performers and DU theater professors.