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Ricks Center for Gifted Children

Ricks Center students - extra curricular activities

Beyond the Classroom

Extracurricular Pursuits

Ricks Center's extracurricular programs offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into their passions and uncover new interests.  A variety of clubs, sports, and classes in art, music, science, physical activity, and language are available for children who want to spend quality time with their fellow students outside of school hours in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment.


Ricks Center's Upper School Sports Program offers students the chance to have fun, learn, exercise, and compete. Team sports foster community relationships while promoting school pride, spirit and sportsmanship. Girls are given the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Boys may play soccer, basketball, and baseball.


Ricks’ students can participate in before and after school clubs, such as Lego Robotics. Lego Robotics participants flex their engineering muscles as they build and program Lego robots to accomplish a specific set of tasks.  Club members then enjoy friendly competitions against other Robotics clubs, while they demonstrate and refine their robot’s capabilities. An after-school Study Club also is available as part of our extended care offerings.   Other clubs may be offered throughout the year depending on teacher, student and parent interest.

Student Council

Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in Student Council.  Student Council teaches leadership and cooperation as students coordinate community service events, plan all-school spirit week, and organize Upper School functions, such as socials and movie nights.