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Ricks Center for Gifted Children

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Ricks Center

Curriculum and Beyond

Gifted children are our business at Ricks

Gifted children can be curious and easily bored, considerate and demanding, quick to understand and quick to judge, persistent and perfectionistic, independent and isolated. Those facets are what we consider while designing rigorous and engaging curriculum for our students from preschool through middle school. Our goals are to challenge students, to allow them to explore content, ideas, and passions, and to prepare them to be successful when they leave Ricks.

Our student to classroom teacher ratio is ten to one, which allows teachers to focus on strategies specifically designed to meet the learning needs of their students. The curriculum is designed around the whole child, taking into account affective and academic needs. Class work is based upon national standards, and is differentiated to reflect student abilities and interests. Our curriculum is thematic and integrated across content areas through overarching themes and concepts. And, of course, time for exploration is regularly scheduled; passion pursuits are integral at all levels.