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Parenting gifted children

Parenting Gifted Children, presentation by Anne Wolf November 14, 2017

Resources- parents of gifted children

Bullying, prevention, interventions and resources for families

Please see below for the information from our Parent Workshop discussing myths about bullying, conflict vs. bullying behavior and ways to keep our students safe.  For additional information, please visit 

Myths About Bullying - Presentation

Bullying, Prevention, Intervention and Tips for Families

Bullying vs. Conflict

Guide to Social Media  

Executive Functioning

Executive Function 101

Executive Function - Parent Presentation 4.20.17

InBrief: Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University 

books and articles

  • Guiding the Gifted Child: A Practical Source for Parents and Teachers by James Webb, Elizabeth Meckstroth, and Stephanie Tolan
  • The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What Do We Know?, edited by Maureen Neihart, et al.
  • Educating Your Gifted Child, by Vicki Caruana
  • Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Children’s Talents, by Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Lisa Limburg-Weber and Steven I. Pfeiffer.
  • Gifted Children: Myths and Realities, by Ellen Winner
  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Young Gifted Children, edited by Norma Hafenstein, Ph.D. and Brooke Walker
  • Re-forming Gifted Education: How Parents and Teachers Can Match the Program to the Child, by Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D.
  • Small, Smart and Sensitive: The Young Gifted Child, by Norma Hafenstein, Ph.D. in Smarter Kids: At Home and School, edited by E. Katz
  • When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers: How to Meet Their Social and Emotional Needs by Jim Delisle and Judy Galbraith
  • Your Gifted Child: How to Recognize and Develop the Special Talent in Your Child from Birth to Age Seven, by Joan Franklin Smutny



Parent Education Series - Education Models

Success Through Resiliency

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