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Ricks Center for Gifted Children

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About Us

Mission and Goals

At Ricks Center, it is our mission to provide a dynamic and challenging educational environment that anticipates and responds to the individual intellectual, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and cognitive needs of gifted children.

We believe:

  • A child is not an empty vessel waiting to be filled with a body of knowledge.  Each child is already full: full of questions, full of knowledge, full of theories and full of beliefs.
  • Children are strong, capable, curious and driven by a need to grow in their understanding of the world.
  • Gifted children are sensitive and intense; they possess specific intellectual and psychological characteristics that demand a different set of experiences.
  • Our students find true peers when they are exposed to children with similar abilities and interests and thrive on the differences of our diverse community.

Gifted children have the right to an educational environment that meets their unique and challenging needs. When compared with children their age, these students display advanced abilities in general intellectual aptitude, which may be exhibited in specific domains such as creativity, language, mathematics, or science.

Gifted children have the ability to learn at faster rates and in greater depth; to find and solve problems more readily; and to understand, manipulate, and connect abstract or seemingly unrelated ideas. These abilities- combined with their intellectual curiosity, emotional intensity, moral sensitivity, playful creativity, and unique learning styles- engender the need for a differentiated educational program.

We want to foster thinkers who can not only solve the problems of the future, but who can identify the right problems to solve.

At Ricks Center, our goals are to:

  • Provide an exemplary program for gifted young people, promoting academic excellence and emphasizing individual development.
  • Fill a unique need in the community for differentiated educational programming for gifted young people.
  • Offer parents and families ongoing support and education regarding the growth and development of gifted children and adults.
  • Attract and support an ethnically and socio-economically diverse student body and faculty.
  • Stand as a national model in gifted education.