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Traveling with a Family Member or Guest

Is it okay to travel with a family member or guest? The answer to this question is generally, yes, it is okay to travel with a family member or guest – however the answer does depend on your role as an international traveler. Please read on for more information.

General Rules for Traveling with a Family Member or Guest

The following requirements apply to family members or guests accompanying any individual whose University academic or business activities involve international travel:

  • Family members or guests cannot participate in academic program activities unless they are enrolled participants in the program or the program is designed to accommodate family members or guests.
  • Accompaniment by family members or guests must not negatively impact a program or its participants and must not impair the operation and administration of program activities.
  • Family members and guests are responsible for all expenses associated with their travel.
  • Family members and guests must maintain health insurance that provides coverage while traveling internationally; however, they will receive evacuation and repatriation coverage through International SOS if properly registered in DU Passport.
  • Before travel, if requested, family members and guests must sign an assumption of risk and release of liability form.

Expectations for Faculty and Staff Leading a Program

The University discourages faculty and staff who are leading an international program from traveling with family members or other guests. This is because the faculty or staff member’s primary duty of care is to the students with whom he or she is traveling. In the event of an emergency, a faculty or staff member could find himself or herself in the position of having to choose between the needs of the students or the family members or guests. Faculty and staff who are not leading an international program or who are travelling individually are not subject to this provision.

While the University prefers that program leaders not travel with family members or guests, in the event that such occurs, program leaders must be cognizant of and following expectations that apply to all program leaders:

  • As a leader of the program, the instructor has responsibility to focus continuous attention on the health, safety, and security of program students and other program instructors.
  • As a leader of the program, the instructor will not be able to provide care for family members or guests during the program and another individual unaffiliated with the program must assume full (24/7) responsibility for those duties. The University, its employees, and students cannot assume responsibility for the care of family members or guests.