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International Travel

Register Your Travel

All students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally for University-related academic or business matters are required to register their travel through the University's travel registration system, DU Passport.

By registering in DU Passport, the University can assist in an emergency situation abroad, provide important travel resources prior to departure, coordinate evacuation and repatriation benefits, and better track international efforts of all DU members. For faculty and staff, registration also significantly aids in the handling of workers compensation claims.

Failing to register travel or respond to all registration questions before leaving the U.S. can result in the disallowance of funding or academic credit. Expense reimbursement requests through University Accounts Payable must include confirmation on the appropriate form that travel was registered in DU Passport and that necessary approvals were obtained.

Traveler-Specific Information

Faculty Led Participants Experiential Learning
Faculty & Staff Group Leader Program Approval