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Register Your Travel

Experiential Learning Participants


All students participating in an internship, externship, practicum, conducting academic research, attending or presenting at a conference, or traveling with an unaffiliated program must register their travel in DU Passport at least one week prior to departure. Registration should take about 30-35 minutes to complete.

NOTE: Once you have started the registration process, you must log in to DU Passport using the general DU Passport link to make any edits or changes.

Register Your Travel

As part of the DU Passport registration process, all participants must read and electronically sign the following forms:

  • Risks and Responsibilities Agreement
  • Participant Responsibility Statement
  • Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Additionally, participants must note departmental or unit approval, enter detailed logistics information, provide emergency contact information, and read and acknowledge information about additional travel resources.

See the Experiential Learning Participant DU Passport User Guide for more information.

Higher-Risk Destination Approval Process

If you are an undergraduate student who plans to travel to a location designated as 'high' travel risk or a graduate student who plans to travel to an 'extreme' travel risk location, your travel must be approved by the International Travel Committee (ITC). To view the relevant ratings, see the Higher-Risk Destination List

As part of that registration process, students wishing to travel to a location subject to a 'high' or 'extreme' travel risk rating must provide a statement that demonstrates the need to travel to the region, approval of the travel by an appropriate person in the department or unit, and a clear acceptance of the risk involved. Once you register your travel in DU Passport, you will receive communication through DU Passport about the status of your travel request.

For more information about your travel destination, log into International SOS (enter membership number 11BSGC000067). Select your travel destination from the drop down menu.


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