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Retention Schedule Records

Have records to store or material that needs to be shredded? Unsure? Complete our Intake Form!


The Hampden Center is the University Libraries' high-density, off-site storage facility. Located in Lakewood, the HC stores low-use serials and monographs, microforms, large archival materials, DU furniture, and University records. Throughout the year, materials are delivered once a day Monday – Friday, to campus. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters deliveries happen twice-a-day to campus.

Staffed by 6 employees, the HC is made up of 2 MLIS graduates and 2 degree-seeking MLIS students at DU. Organizing, tracking, and servicing stored materials are our strengths. By using the storage infrastructure already in place at the HC, it will save you, and the University, money and time in complying with the University Records Policies. We also offer the option to digitize and electronically deliver requested documents faster than a campus delivery.

In an effort to work towards OneDU, the HC has the resources to help with off-campus storage, records servicing, and an existing supply chain. Avoid the high cost and unreliable customer service of a third party vendor by storing your records at the Hampden Center.


For general inquiries, please email or contact Caroline Rew.


We are already storing 1300+ records for numerous departments on campus:

  • Shared Services
  • Psychology
  • Controller's Office
  • ORSP
  • Facilities

Please feel free to contact our current partners to get a sense of our services.


Q:  Does the University have a preferred records servicing vendor?

A:  The University Libraries now offers a unified University records storage service plan. You will get:

  • Assessment
  • Storage
  • Disposal

All in compliance with the University's Record Retention Policy.

Q:  I don't know if I have records. How can I find out?

A:  See the DU PowerPoint linked under Records Management Resources. Please also see the Intake Form linked above.

Q:  What does this service cost?

A:  You will be charged for the destruction of materials and, perhaps, for the transportation of materials depending on quantity and container size.

Q:  I have filing cabinets full of records. Will you take those?

A:  Yes, we can arrange for transport of filing cabinets to the Hampden Center. Or we can supply/suggest certain sized record boxes to transport materials off-site.

Q:  How do I get records shredded?

A:  If you have records that are past their retention period, we recommend Bayaud Enterprises. You can have them called to campus or have the Hampden Center conduct the shredding for you. Bayaud Enterprises is a local nonprofit, AAA NAID Certified paper shredding company, which employs staff with mental, physical, emotional, and economic disabilities.

Q:  Why would I store my materials at the Hampden Center?

A:  The University Libraries are serviced Monday - Friday by deliveries from the Hampden Center. In addition to physical delivery of materials, we can scan documents and send via encrypted email, usually same day. This saves you on campus office space and the cost of storing at Iron Mountain or another competitor. Finally, we have a DU-Internal set of policies and procedures established by University Risk Management.

Q:  I still have questions. What should I do?

A:  Complete the "20 Questions of Records Management" survey to learn more and get in contact with the staff at the Hampden Center.