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Intramural Sports

Campus Championships

Campus Championships are back for 2014-15! Intramural sports will track each team's participation and on-field success for every league and special event. Points accumulate through the fall, winter and spring quarters, and championships will be awarded after the final league championships of the spring quarter.

Teams winning the Campus Championships will be recognized on a banner hung in Gates Field House!

Current Standings

Overall standings (PDF)

Division standings (PDF)


Championships will be awarded for the following divisions:

  • overall (1927 Award)
  • men's
  • Greek
  • co-rec


General qualifications

  • There is no limit to the number of teams an organization can register, as long as each additional team includes a team indicator in its team name.
    • Example: Team ABC, Team ABC-Gold, Team ABC-Crimson
  • All points accumulated throughout the academic year count toward the overall championship (1927 Award).
  • Teams must participate under same team name throughout the academic year to be eligible.

Divisional qualifications

View the specific qualifications for the Greek, men's and co-rec divisions in the Campus Championships regulations (PDF).

Point Structure

Basic points

Basic points are earned by enrolling in a league or special event, qualifying for the playoffs, making it to the championship game and winning a championship.

Points are taken away for forfeits.

League enrollment bonus points

Enrollment points are earned based on the competitiveness of each division. Teams that participate in the highest divisions earn more points.

Sportsmanship points

Each team enrolled receives an average for the season sportsmanship grades awarded to the team. The better a team's sportsmanship, the more points the team earns.

Points are taken away for having an average sportsmanship rating below "3" for the season.

The complete Campus Championships point structure can be found in the Guide to Procedures on

2013-14 Champions

Congratulations to our 2013-14 Campus Championship winners:

  • Overall (1927 Award) and Greek champion: ZBT
  • Men's champion: Hammer Time
  • Co-rec champion: Mental Roughness