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W-2 for 2020

Information on how to provide consent to receive your W-2 statement electronically. Although you are not required to give this consent, many employees find that electronic delivery of their W-2 is more convenient than having this critical tax document sent to them in the mail. The deadline to give your consent is January 14, 2021.

To provide your consent, navigate to: PioneerWeb > Employee Tab > My Resources (left hand side of the screen) > Employee Information > Tax Forms > Electronic W-2 Consent.

Receiving your W-2 electronically has many advantages, including:

Avoiding the risk of having your social security number and wage information sent through the mail
Access to all of your W-2 documents electronically, including prior years
Electronic W-2s support DU Impact 2025 Strategic Initiative 3, Sustainable DU, by helping to reduce our carbon footprint

If you would prefer to receive a paper W-2, we recommend that you log in to PioneerWeb to verify that we have your current address on file.

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