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The flex day means that any staff member can pick a normally scheduled shift and take those hours to vote, connect, and recharge. Flex does not mean that the hours need to be made up on another day, rather it means that the day you take is flexible.

Non-benefited employees and student workers should contact their supervisor to determine what day they are going to take under this program. Then their supervisor should enter the scheduled hours on their timecard as 2020 Election Flex NB using the Pay Code column.
We will handle the federal work study allocation centrally
Non-benefited grant employee hours will be redistributed to a central org code.

Benefited Employees (including grant funded) should work with their supervisor on the day that they would like to use the flex hours. Once approved the employee can enter the time on their timecard as 2020 Election Flex.
Benefited grant employee hours will be redistributed to the existing grant holiday fund.

All the pay codes are currently available. If you have additional questions, please let us know. The code will not be available after December 11th , so please encourage employees to use the flex day during the allotted period. The hours do not count for overtime calculations.

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PioneerTime for supervisors

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