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Direct Pay

Appropriate Uses of the Direct Pay Process

  • Travel and conference expenditures (registration fees, transportation, lodging, meals, etc.)
  • Travel advances and repayments
  • Membership dues (allowable in civic, business, technical and professional organizations)
  • Subscriptions
  • Honorarium payments (after established as vendor with Tax ID number; use honorarium request form)
  • Moving expenses
  • Business meals
  • Donations, contributions and sponsorships
  • Adequate documentation such as original invoices, original receipts, and registration forms must be attached to the Direct Pay cover sheet.

Direct Pay Forms and Guides

Step-by-step instructions and all necessary forms for completing a Direct Pay can be found in PioneerWeb, under the Employee tab, in the Payment Services folder.

The Direct Pay cover sheet is located in PioneerWeb, under Administrative Processes in the Payment Services folder, Direct Pay.