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Payment Processing

Vendor Invoices Connected to an Existing Purchase Order

  • Review the invoice for accuracy
  • Sign and date the invoice and mark it "ok to pay"
  • Make sure the invoice references the purchase order number
  • Submit the invoice to Payment Services
  • Invoices received in our dedicated invoice mail box will be forwarded to the department for approval

Invoices Not Connected to an Existing Purchase Order

  • Use your purchasing card (P-Card) for purchases under $5,000
  • If the purchase is over $5,000 contact Procurement and Contract Services regarding an after-the-fact requisition  


Determining if your payment is an Honorarium

An honorarium is a payment in recognition of service in the form of a special, non-recurring event for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. This type of payment should not be used to pay businesses, corporations or partnerships or for services billed via invoice. Honorariums are not governed by a contract; the fee is not set or negotiated by the recipient.

You can use the questions below to determine if your payment can be processed as an honorarium. If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you cannot process this payment as an honorarium.

  1. Is the individual a business, corporation or partnership?
  2. Was the payment amount negotiated between the University and the individual?
  3. Is there a contractual agreement?
  4. Are the individual's services recurring?
  5. Is the individual an employee or student employee?
  6. Did the individual set the price?

To Request an Honorarium

  • Ensure that your payee is registered as a vendor at DU
  • Complete an Honorarium Request Form and have it approved by the Dean/ Director/Authorized Approver and enter a Direct Pay request in Banner. The form can be found at: PioneerWeb > Employee Tab > Administrative Processes > Payment Services > Direct Pay
  • Complete a Direct Pay Request in Banner. There is no need to use a Direct Pay coversheet, the Honorarium Request Form serves as the cover sheet.
  • Checks can be picked up from Shared Services for hand-delivery at the event. Be sure to enter a 'P' in the Enclosure/Pick-Up field in the Banner Direct Pay Form.

Further Information about Honorariums

  • Honorariums are not used to pay for performances or services provided by outside consultants or employees. Current employees must be paid through Payroll Services and consultants need to submit original invoices.
  • Honorarium recipients will receive a 1099 or 1042-S as required by the IRS.
  • Many consulting relationships are initiated with contracts. Follow the University's limits of authority policy when signing contracts (DU Policy 2.10.030), Limits of Authority.
  • Payments to foreign visitors must be coordinated with Shared Services at least two weeks before the event date.