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Payment Processing

Vendor Invoices Connected to an Existing Purchase Order

  • Review the invoice for accuracy
  • Sign and date the invoice and mark it "ok to pay"
  • Make sure the invoice references the purchase order number
  • Submit the invoice to Payment Services
  • Invoices received in our dedicated invoice mail box [email protected] will be forwarded to the department for approval

Invoices Not Connected to an Existing Purchase Order

  • Use your purchasing card (P-Card) for purchases under $5,000
  • If the vendor does not take a P-Card, submit a check request
  • If the purchase is over $5,000 contact Procurement and Contract Services regarding an after-the-fact requisition  


Determining if your payment is an Honorarium

An honorarium is a payment in recognition of service in the form of a special, non-recurring event for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. This type of payment should not be used to pay businesses, corporations or partnerships or for services billed via invoice. Honorariums are not governed by a contract; the fee is not set or negotiated by the recipient.

For guidance and on determining if a payment is an honorarium or how to request an honorarium review the Payment and Purchasing Tool Kit.

Payment and Purchasing tool Kit

Step-by-step instructions for completing a Check Request can be found in PioneerWeb at: Employee tab > Administrative Processes > Payment Services.