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Cell Phone Allowance

Employees who have been identified as having a frequent need for cell phone or internet access while off campus can sign up for a cell phone allowance ranging from $15 to $120 per month, depending on need.

Allowance must be approved by the dean or director

  • You must retain an active cell phone/data plan contract as long as an allowance is in place
  • The reimbursement amount should not exceed your monthly plan amount
  • Cell phone and internet access allowances are a taxable employee benefit; taxes will be withheld
  • You can claim exemptions for cell phone or internet access business use when you file your personal income tax. Check with your tax adviser
  • Submit an approved Allowance Request Form along with a copy of your most recent cell phone invoice
  • Submit a Cell Phone and Data Plan Allowance Change Request for amount or department changes, or to request an allowance be canceled

Employees who don't have a cell phone allowance can request reimbursement for the actual costs billed for business cell phone usage for the amount of total overage shown on their monthly cell phone bill.

The full Cell Phone Allowance Policy and all necessary forms can be found in the Employee tab of PioneerWeb under Administrative Processes > Payroll > Cell Phone Allowance. (click on the forms and documents button on the right for a quick link)