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Pioneer Travel and Expense

 Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Pioneer Travel and Expense? 

Pioneer T&E is an easy to use travel and expense system that integrates travel booking and expense reporting, and streamlines the reimbursement process. It also provides innovative tools for on-the-go trip management as well as a robust reporting system that will enable visibility into travel spending and allow DU to make decisions and use data to negotiate with travel suppliers.

Who should use Pioneer T&E? 

All employees/faculty/students using a P-card and/or requiring expense to travel reimbursements.

All Pioneer travelers must use the reimbursement features of the system. While you are not required to use all Concur’s functionality, you are encouraged to give it a try. Concur’s travel booking features with built-in business rules, accompanying mobile apps, and e-receipts offer many conveniences that may make traveling and getting reimbursed easier. Concur’s adds value for the traveler by eliminating out-of-pocket expenses and reducing the need for paper receipts by feeding itemized receipts into Concur for hotel expenses. 

How do I setup my profile? 

Setting up your profile is critical to maximize the functions of the system. If you book airfare, the name in your profile must match your state/government issued ID. If you would like to have another employee arrange travel and prepare expense reports on your behalf, you must assign him/her as a delegate. To take advantage of the convenience of electronic receipts, you must activate E-receipts, verify your e-mail and setup your mobile PIN.

Please see the  Profile Setup Quick Guide  for instructions.

When should I submit my expense report? 
  • Submit non-travel related expense reports once per month.
  • Submit travel related expenses reports once per trip. 
I am receiving red and yellow alerts, what do they mean? 

A yellow flag signifies caution, please verify your information is accurate. You can still submit a report with yellow exceptions.

A red flag means this expense is not compliant with University policy. You cannot submit an expense report until these exceptions are resolved. Expenses that are not compliant with the University policy may not be reimbursable.


Should I book travel with a DU P-card or use my personal card?

It is recommended that you book travel with the DU P-card. Transactions from this card will post into Concur within 3-5 business days. Please note, if you book with a personal card you will not be reimbursed until after the trip has occurred and the travel report submitted. 

Why should I use the online booking tool?

When you book with the online booking tool, you will receive a 6% discount when choosing United. You will also receive double your Rapid Rewards points when choosing Southwest. In addition to these benefits, when you book with the online booking tool your receipts and itineraries will be imported into the system automatically. 

How can I contact Christopherson Business Travel (CBT)? 

For questions regarding travel reservations or changes to an itinerary, contact CBT:

  • (800) 285-3603 or [email protected]
  • Hours: 6:00am - 7:00am mountain, Monday - Friday
  • Emergency After Hours Service: 800-960-7862, VIT code P-6LV

For questions regarding online bookings (airfare, hotel, rental car), please contact:

I am traveling internationally, what should I do? 

All international travel requires you to submit an international travel request. This process replaces DU passport for employees, and provides us with important information to ensure your safety while traveling. Please see the Booking International Travel Quick Guide for instructions.


How do I submit a reimbursement in Pioneer Travel and Expense? 
When will I be reimbursed for a business expense or trip? 
  • You cannot submit your expenses until after the trip or event has taken place. Once you have submitted your expense report, the timeline is as follows:
  • If you have signed up for Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit, payments are issued twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

General Questions 

Do I use Concur for non-travel related reimbursements? 

Yes, all reimbursements to employees, students and guests of the University are required to use the Concur system for reimbursement.

How do I get started with TripIt Pro?

See this video for instructions on how to get started with TripIt Pro.

I have questions that are not answered on this FAQ. How do I get these questions answered? 

Please email [email protected] or call us at (303) 871-7420. We will respond to your question as quickly as possible.

I would like to schedule a training, how do I do this? 

Please email [email protected] with the subject line "Concur Group Training" or "Concur Individual Training," a member of our team will contact you to schedule the requested training session.

How do I request access to Concur? 

Concur profiles are created automatically by the system after the employee's official start date, based on how their position is setup. Students do not have access to Concur. All other employees should email [email protected] if they need access to Concur and are not able to log in through the Pioneer Travel and Expense single sign-on link in PioneerWeb.