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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Career Development Resources

Listed below are a number of career resources both on and off campus that may be of assistance to you as you think about your career or job search.

Career Resources

DU Career Services (one-on-one advising, interviewing, resume/cover letter)
Driscoll South/Suite 30 (beneath the bookstore)
Phone: 303-871-2150

Pioneer Careers
DU's online job and internship database.

Alumnifire allows DU users to leverage the networking capabilities of LinkedIn and the robust job bank of, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking to change careers or get connected.

Interview Stream
This is an online interview practice tool that allows you to record yourself answering common interview questions. You can then listen to your answers to assist with improving your skills.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
DU's Career Services has a number of resources and tools to assist you in writing your resume and cover letter. GSSW's Director of Student and Career Development can also assist you with this process.

Candid Career
Get advice and tips about your career and job search from DU alumni.

Salary Negotiation
Even before you start landing interviews, think about salary requirements, benefits, and whether or not you're willing to travel and/or relocate. These are important considerations in your job search.

Career/Job Search Websites:

While you are still a student, we recommend that you visit websites that post social work positions (a few examples below) and choose a position that is of interest to you. Look at the required and preferred qualifications and see where you have areas of improvement. Mark those skills as priority skills to attain while at GSSW.

Colorado Non Profit Association Job Board

Council on Social Work Education Jobs List

National Association of Social Workers Careers

Andrew Hudson Jobs List

Denver Department of Human Services

National Conference of State Legislators - Community/Policy/Research/Management positions