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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Inna Altschul

Associate Professor
Assistant Dean for Program Assessment and Evaluation
PhD, University of Michigan


  • youth empowerment, leadership and civic engagement
  • racial/ethnic identity
  • immigration
  • preventative interventions
  • family, school and community processes that support positive development
  • structural equation modeling and advanced statistical methods
  • mixed methods


Associate Professor Inna Altschul's research and practice focus on promoting positive development among low-income, immigrant and Latino/a children and youths.

Her primary areas of interest are racial-ethnic identity: youth empowerment, leadership, and civic engagement; child and adolescent development within family, school, and community systems; and preventative interventions.

Altschul uses ecological, sociological, and psychological perspectives in her research, as well as qualitative and quantitative methodologies. At GSSW, she teaches MSW courses in the high-risk youth track, practice evaluation and research, as well as PhD introductory statistics. She also serves as the school's Assistant Dean for Program Assessment and Evaluation.

See Web page and CV.