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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Kevin N. Morris


PhD, University of Chicago


  • animal-assisted therapy
  • the human-animal bond
  • animal health and welfare 


Scholar-in-Residence Kevin Morris brings an extensive background in medical research and technology development to the animal health and welfare community. In partnership with local and national organizations, Morris works in pursuit gaining a better understanding of the human animal bond and in advancing animal health and welfare. 

Morris’ recent work with the American Humane Association has focused on animal-assisted therapy and its impact on therapy dogs in pediatric oncology settings. As a professional consultant, Morris has also collaborated with the University of Denver, the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, the Parsemus Foundation, and the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs.

Morris served as the Director of Research at the Animal Assistance Foundation from 2008-2012. During this time, he developed models for better understanding animal sheltering, unwanted horses and animal-assisted therapy

Morris volunteers as a Scientific Advisor for two Denver nonprofits: Savio and the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs. He is past president of the Homer Allied Research Project (HARP), a medical and cancer research organization. 

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