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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Field Education

If you are like most of our MSW students, your field internship will be one of the highlights of your education at the Graduate School of Social Work.

Our field education program offers you many advantages:

  • a choice of more than 600 field internship sites, including public and private agencies, schools, hospitals, mental health clinics, and a wide range of other clinical and community practice settings.
  • the opportunity to interview agencies and choose your internship, rather than simply being assigned to one
  • a growing number of international internships
  • supervision by a qualified, experienced MSW professional
  • the opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice immediately because you'll typically take courses and complete your internship at the same time

You'll complete one internship during each year of your MSW program.

  • Foundation year students complete a generalist internship. This is your chance to experience a variety of client systems and find out what interests you most.
  • Concentration year students and students with advanced standing focus on more advanced practice in their chosen area of specialization.