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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Scholars Reach National Audience via Online Radio

February 16, 2012

The relatively new medium of online talk radio is providing an innovative means for GSSW faculty members and doctoral students to showcase their scholarship and research before a national audience.

Colorado broadcaster Tim Danahey, host of what he calls "thoughtful talk radio for the rest of us," invited Professor John Kayser and Clinical Assistant Professor Michael Cortés to be guests on his midday online program just before Thanksgiving to offer local and national perspectives on the "Occupy" movement. Kayser focused the November 21 program on the history of social activism at the University of Denver, particularly the 1969 Woodstock West protest during which members of the Colorado National Guard demolished a tent city that DU students had erected on the campus. On the November 22 show, Cortés discussed tactics employed by social activists and the similarities between "Occupy" and America's earlier protest movements.

In January, two faculty members and a doctoral student appeared on Danahey's online program to address issues frequently faced by Latinos/as in America. Associate Professor Debora Ortega, director of DU's Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES), joined with second-year doctoral student Ashley-Marie Hanna Michel to address the impact that deportation, and the threat of deportation, have on individuals, families and communities. Michel is the recipient of a DULCCES graduate teaching assistantship for her deportation research at GSSW. Hear the January 24 online radio conversation.

In a follow-up program the next day, Clinical Assistant Professor Stephen von Merz discussed additional challenges faced by many of America's Latinos/as, including poverty, racial profiling, barriers to educational advancement, unemployment and the language barrier. He then described DU's efforts to address those challenges, including GSSW's Social Work with Latinos/as Certificate, for which von Merz serves as Program Coordinator.  The certificate provides MSW students with the cultural, linguistic and intervention skills they need to serve the country's fastest-growing ethnic group. Hear the January 25 von Merz online radio chat.

Most recently, Danahey interviewed Associate Professor Jean East, GSSW's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Responding to the widely quoted comment presidential candidate Mitt Romney made about the "safety net" for the nation's poor, East described the inadequacies of that safety net to meet people's most basic needs, among them food, housing, child care and access to education or job-training. Hear this February 15 online broadcast.