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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Faculty and Staff Receive Internationalization Grants

Feb. 27, 2013

Clinical Associate Professor Wanda Ellingson, Professor Lynn Parker, Clinical Professor Philip Tedeschi and Digital Instruction Specialist Ethan Crawford have received internationalization grants from the University of Denver's Office of Internationalization. The grant funding period is from May 1, 2013, through the end of the calendar year.

Ellingson, director of GSSW's Four Corners MSW Program, will use her grant to travel to Australia, where she will study the similarities and differences between the Four Corners Native Peoples curriculum, and that of the Australian Catholic University Centre for Indigenous Education and Research in Brisbane.

By studying the colonization and assimilation of Australia's Aboriginal peoples, and contrasting these experiences with those of Native Americans of the Southwestern tribes, Ellingson hopes to develop a native peoples immersion course that would be taught in both our Four Corners and on-campus MSW programs.

Parker will use her grant for her ongoing research project in Mexico. She is working on a book that will feature the stories of people she has come to know through the MSW course she teaches, titled "Global Relations and Poverty in Mexico." The people, who live in or near Cuernavaca, have in common a personal quest to alter social justice issues through the sharing of their lives and professional journeys. Parker's intent is to explore the pathways that led these people through experiences of oppression to liberation.

Tedeschi and Crawford will use their grant to bring the experiential learning of international field internships to the classrooms of GSSW's on-campus and Four Corners MSW programs, allowing students to benefit from these experiences even if they do not themselves take courses overseas. Tedeschi, executive director of GSSW's Institute for Human Animal Connection (IHAC), will partner with Crawford to develop a series of video documentaries assembled from on-site footage from two of GSSW's current international course and internship sites in Nairobi, Kenya and Chengdu, China. The project is also aimed at deepening GSSW's and IHAC's relationships with our partner organizations abroad.