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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness concentration prepares students to be practitioners in diverse health, integrated health and wellness settings. Students study a variety of practice skills, theories and evidence-based modalities to prepare for social work in comprehensive and specialized health care facilities, public health clinics and programs and/or wellness and preventative healthcare programs.

The Health and Wellness concentration allows students to practice specific skill sets that incorporate problem-solving, integrative and strengths-based approaches to care. Students gain exposure to classical Western medical social work settings (such as hospitals), to integrative health settings (where mental health, drug and alcohol intervention, and medical care are connected) and to organizations primarily focused on promoting mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, community, social and/or environmental wellness. Students can choose to experience a range of options from learning medical terminology to studying complementary and alternative medicine techniques focused on the mind-body connection.

Course work also illuminates the history of health and health disparities in the United States and globally, preparing students for culturally competent clinical practice, as well as leadership and advocacy in health and wellness administrative and policy practice.

Current students can find additional curriculum information on the GSSW Student Resource Portfolio page.