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Special Programs


Special Programs

University Events

Special Programs supports several events that bolster the academic culture at The University of Denver. Here are some of the many events our office helps coordinate:

Bridges to the Future

Bridges to the Future (BTF) was created in 2002 in a partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) to address issues/concerns post 9-11 and to encourage exploration and greater understanding of American history and values. Its quality programs and stimulating speakers aimed to inspire the communities of Colorado and the university campuses to reflect on, to understand, and to renew our most fundamental public value commitments. In its inaugural year, community dialogues facilitated by the University of Denver and Colorado State University were held the week after a primary speaker’s presentation. In the following years after the major lecture, community discussions preceded by a lunch were held at theUniversity of Denver.

Each year, the BTF theme changes based on current social, political, cultural and international events or issues. The intent continues today to build a framework of programs that stimulate civic dialog and discussion among Colorado communities. A University of Denver committee comprised of faculty and staff oversee the choice of a theme for each year. In 2009, the committee continued to restructure the Bridges to the Future format and examined innovative ways to present this prestigious lecture series. The 2013 Bridges to the Future theme is Impact of the 2012 Election. Martha Raddatz, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, is the Winter 2013 Bridges to the Future speaker. She served as moderator for the vice presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, which focused on foreign and domestic policy.   

Provost Conference

The annual Provost Conference brings together the University of Denver community for a day of sessions and discussions. The 2011 conference focused on reinventing the classroom by engaging with various technologies.

Provost's Lecture and Luncheon

The quarterly Provost’s Lecture and Luncheon brings faculty and staff together for a presentation given by a distinguished faculty member.

Provost Concert

The yearly Provost Concert hosts several of the top music students and faculty from the Lamont School of Music.

Scholarship, Research and Creative Work Celebration

The Scholarship, Research and Creative Work Celebration is a yearly event hosted by the Provost, which recognizes University of Denver faculty who have published books and digital works during the previous year.


Convocation recognizes achievements by the University faculty and staff. The Chancellor delivers a convocation address during the annual event and individual faculty and staff are given awards for their contributions to the University of Denver.

University Lecture

The University Lecture honors an esteemed faculty member with the title of “University Lecturer.” This honor is recognized with a reception and lecture given by the aforementioned esteemed faculty member.