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Interterm classes

Fall Interterm Courses

Indonesia: Is BoP Relevant?

MGMT 3700/4700 - 4 credits

Course Dates: August 21-Sept 1, 2015
Location: Bali & Jakarta, Indonesia
Instructors: Barbara Stuart
Application Deadline: July 20 or when course is full (SPACE IS LIMITED)


Indonesia, a centuries old trade hub is gaining new momentum in global business. At first glance, this archipelago of 17,508 islands would seem an excellent candidate for historic Base of the Pyramid (BoP) business strategies. Its 237 million people, the fourth largest populous nation in the world, comprise a burgeoning new consumer market while supplying labor and resources for business development. But new business strategies are emerging from earlier BoP approaches (Prahalad & Hart, 2004, 2005). Students enrolled in this course will examine, together with business, government and non-governmental leaders working in Indonesia, new and emergent business practices. New strategies hold the promise of moving beyond solely a profit motive to encompass improving the lives and circumstances of those people who live at the Base of the Pyramid, on less than $2 a day. 

Approximate Travel Costs*

Airfare: $1,800 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. This is an estimate and subject to change.)
Program Fee: $2,200 (Includes lodging,ground transportation, and required activities.)
Cancellation Fee: $2,200 (Billed to student account in the event the student drops the course after the deadline.)

*These expenses are estimates subject to change.  Cost of tuition is additional.

For more information, contact Barbara Stuart.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Applications are being accepted  until July 20, 2015 OR until the course is full.

CALL 303-871-2360 TO REGISTER.