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CPSY 2010: Introduction to Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology

CPSY 2010 - 4 credits

Dates: August 21 - September 1, 2017
Days: Monday - Friday
Times: 9 am - 1 pm
Instructors: Jamie Shapiro, Thomas Fritze & Cody Pendergarass


In this course, students will learn the theories, concepts, and intervention techniques of sport psychology. Topics covered will include motivation theory applied to sport, team dynamics, psychological skills training, the psychology of sport injury, and burnout in sport. The course objectives include: (1) To establish a solid foundation of knowledge regarding psychological theories and research in sport settings; (2) To increase student understanding of how psychological factors impact involvement, enjoyment, and performance in sport and physical activity; (3) To increase knowledge of how participation in sport and exercise can influence the psychological characteristics of the individual involved; (4) To help students acquire sport psychology knowledge and skills applicable to coaches, teachers, observers, and/or participants.

Contact: Jamie Shapiro 

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