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Special Programs

Interterm Courses

Interterm Courses


Students must be cleared of all registration holds before registration can be completed. PioneerWeb is activated for Interterm registration. All registrations should be made online, with the exception of travel courses.

Registration for travel courses MUST be made through the Special Programs Office. Registration for travel courses must be accompanied by the necessary deposit to hold your spot in the class.

Students from The Women's College and University College are welcome to take Interterm classes at the regular University of Denver tuition rate. TWC students should contact their academnic advisor to determine how Interterm courses apply to your degree program.

Students are not permitted to attend Interterm classes without registration and tuition payment. It is the student's responsibility to adhere to departmental requirements, if any, and to obtain an advisor's permission and/or signature.

How to register for domestic travel courses

To register by phone, please call 303-871-2360. To register in person, please visit:

Special Programs
2335 S. York St.
Denver, CO 80208


How to apply to participate in an international travel course

To apply to participate in an international travel course, please complete the following forms:

If you are unable to complete the above forms online, you may print them and return completed forms to Shannon Jahn at or

Special Programs
2335 S. York St.
Denver, CO 80208

Please note that a program fee is required for registration in all travel courses.

Deadline for registration

Registration for classes on campus is accepted up to the first class meeting, provided the class is not closed. Travel courses have varying registration/deposit deadlines; see individual course descriptions for specifics.

Canceled classes

Courses may be cancelled due to a lack of enrollment. Special Programs reserves the right to cancel any class and cannot be held responsible for any travel expenses due to cancellation. Deposits will be refunded if the course is cancelled by Special Programs.

How to drop a course

The deadline to drop an Interterm course is the last business day before the first day of the Interterm session. Courses cannot always be dropped via PioneerWeb. If you receive an error when attempting to drop a course, contact Special Programs in person or by calling 303-871-2360. No refunds will be issued after the first course session. There are no partial refunds for Interterm classes.  Cancellation fees apply to all travel courses, domestic and international, and are non-refundable.

Academic advising

Special Programs does not provide academic advising. Students are responsible for contacting their advisors to determine how a course will apply to their degree.


Grades for Interterm courses are due within 30 days of the end of Interterm. Interterm grades are not automatically mailed to students. If grades are necessary for tuition reimbursement from your employer prior to this date, please call 303-871-2360.

Official transcripts can only be issued from the Registrar's Office with completion of a transcript request form and a $4 fee. Transcripts are not available for non-credit courses.

Location of classes

Classroom locations will be listed online under course schedules. You may also contact the Special Programs Office at 303-871-2360 to obtain classroom locations. If you are not familiar with campus, please call 303-871-2360 for directions. If time permits, a map will be mailed to you.


Required books will be available in the DU Bookstore. Most course syllabi will be distributed on the first day of class.

Some classes may require course preparation. If so, you will be contacted by the Interterm office regarding the assignments. Travel courses require a prior to departure orientation. Readings and/or course preparation materials will be assigned at that time.


Students currently living in the on-campus residence halls may contact the Housing and Residential Education office (303-871-2246) for information about possible availability of housing over the Winter Interterm. Housing is not available for students not currently living on campus.

Independent study/Internship

Interterm is a great time to do an independent study or internship. To register for independent study or an internship, contact the academic department of your choice and/or professor to make arrangements, then contact the Interterm Office at 303-871-2360 to assist you with registration.


Refunds of tuition MUST be requested prior to the first day of class. Absolutely no refunds will be given after the first day of Interterm class. Deposits for travel courses are non-refundable.