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Dubai: Gateway to the Middle East

MGMT 3700/4700 - 4 credits

Dates: March 16 - 24, 2013
Days: Saturday - Sunday
Location: Dubai
Instructor: Bahman Paul Ebrahimi, PhD
Registration Deadline: February 19, 2013

Description: Perched on the shores of the Persian Gulf, looking out at Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia,Dubai (United Arab Emirates, UAE) doesn't look like an ideal location for international business. Less than 30 years ago, Dubai was little more than a sleeping little desert town. But since then, trade barriers have vanished, skyscrapers have sprung out of sand, and Dubai has been transformed into a major center for global business.

More than 2,000 US firms now have a base in UAE. Dubai's diverse population, one of the youngest in the world, is 80% non-indigenous - drawn by the prospect of big bucks. There is opportunity in most market sectors because the population is increasing exponentially.

This course will use Dubai, UAE, as a gateway to doing business in the greater Middle East and understanding its culture and way of life.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of ACTG 2200, FIN 2800, MGMT 200 and MKTG 2800 or consent of the instructor. Prerequisites do not apply to graduate students registering for this course.

Contact: Dr. Bahman Paul Ebrahimi at

Approximate travel costs*:

Airfare: $1500 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program fee: $1650 (Covers lodging, some meals, ground transportation & airport transfers)
Cancellation fee:  $1650 (Non-refundable, applied to student account in the event student drops the course.)
*Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses.