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Spring Interterm Courses

MGMT 3700/4700: Small Business Start Up & Management

MGMT 3700/4700 - 4 credits

Dates: March 20-24, 2017
Days: Monday-Friday
Location: On Campus
Instructors: Zaid Safiulla


Through visits to several Denver Metro area small businesses and meetings with the founders/owners, students will be able to assimilate first hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and running a small business as well as the recipe to success. They will be able to observe the traits of a successful entrepreneur through their interactions with business owners.

All though all students are welcome, this course is primarily directed towards non- business or management majors. It is primarily directed towards students that don’t have any business management or entrepreneurship courses in their regular curriculum (e.g, Engineering, International Studies, Graduate students that don’t have a business undergraduate degree, etc.) This course gives the students a condensed, yet comprehensive understanding of management principles, business strategy and entrepreneurship. All business majors will cover the contents of this course in MGMT2000, MGMT3280 and MGMT3800. Students that have taken these courses may find some contents of this course repetitive.

This course is designed to make the student competitively superior in starting, running and growing a successful small business.

Contact: Zaid Safiulla