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Special Programs

Interterm Courses

Culture Jamming

MFJS 33301/ EDPX 3730- 4 credits

Dates: June 11 - 15, 2012
Days: Monday - Friday
Time: 9 am - 6 pm
Instructor: Tyrone Davies

Description:Though “culture Jamming” is a term that did not emerge until the mid 1980’s, it describes a set of tactics that certain artists, activists, filmmakers, musicians and journalists had already been using for decades (if not centuries). Currently, however, we live in an era where questioning the spectacle of consumer culture, corporate media, and global conformity is as relevant an act as ever.

So, what IS culture jamming? It can be used to describe graffiti art, musical mashups, the re-editing of film and video, flash mobs, media interventions, drop-lifting, and the critical graphic design and journalism of publications like Adbusters. In this class, we will view, read about, and discuss these subjects and many more. Students will be expected to generate articulate responses to specific acts of culture jamming as well as the generalized culture of resistance in which the acts exist.

In this class, students will have the option, if they like, of making relevant artwork, or media in addition to writing papers. As culture jamming is a multi-media activity, students may make art work or videos or design work or other media to fulfill certain class requirements.

Contact: Tyrone Davies at