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GEOG 3750: Health & Environment Through the Ages in England


GEOG 3750 - 4 credits

Course Dates: June 9-18, 2018
Location: London, Bath, Oxford, Stratford, Warwick & Birmingham, England
Instructors: Drs. Helen Hazen & Hillary Hamann
Registration Deadline: May 1 or when course is full (SPACE IS LIMITED)

Description: Have you ever wondered if Roman Baths really have healing powers? Why did bubonic plague ravage Europe in the Middle Ages? How healthy was life in a medieval castle? What happened as people moved to cities and why was the source of your water a matter of life or death in the 1800s?

This field course emphasizes ecological approaches to health to answer just these sorts of questions, asking how natural, built, and social environments influence health and disease. Basing ourselves in Birmingham, we will make visits to historic sites across England to explore eight different time periods. In each case, we will examine how people's relationships with their environments influenced their health and how these insights can support health and environmental sustainability in the future.

4 credits; Approved as elective credit for the Sustainability Minor

Approximate Travel Costs*:

Airfare $1,000 - 1,300 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program Fee:  $1400 (Fee covers lodging, most meals, transportation in
country and entrance fees for various activities.) Program fees are non-refundable.
Cancellation Fee: $1400 (Billed to student account in the event the student drops the course.)

*Tuition fees apply and are in addition to travel expenses. These expenses are approximate and therefore subject to change.

Contact: Helen Hazen for more course information.

Applications are being accepted until May 1, 2018 OR until the course is full. Application forms available online.