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GEOG 3750: Geographies of South Africa


GEOG 3750 - 4 credits

Course Dates: June 11 - 25, 2017
Location: Cape Town and Surrounding Areas of South Africa
Instructors: Thomas LaVanchy & Michael Kerwin
Application Deadline: May 15 or when course is full (SPACE IS LIMITED)


This travel course is designed to give students a first hand look at the physical and cultural landscapes of South Africa. We will study the varied natural landscapes that produce the commodities (e.g. gold, diamonds, wine, and agriculture) that have attracted the interest of outsiders for centuries and that have influenced the cultural landscapes particular to South Africa.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to think and speak effectively about South Africa, particularly about its colonial and apartheid history, its physical geography, its relative position in the global economy, and its on-going struggle with issues such HIV/AIDS, poverty, and racial divides.

Activities will include:

  • hiking in the Central Drakensberg Mountains
  • a service-learning project at a home for AIDS orphans
  • a visit to a game park
  • a tour of Robben Island, a visit to a township
  • explorations of several key physical and cultural sites near Cape Town. 


Prior coursework in human or physical geography, natural resources, or environmental science is beneficial, but not required.  All enrollments are contingent upon instructor approval.

Approximate Travel Costs*

Airfare: $1,000 - 1,500 (Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.)
Program Fee: $1850 (Includes meals, lodging, transportation in country and entrance fees to various activities.
(Program fees are applied to tuition bill. Program fees are non-refundable.)
Cancellation Fee:  $1850 (Billed to student account in the event the student drops the course.

*These expenses are estimates subject to change.  Cost of tuition is additional.

For more course information, contact Thomas LaVanchy or Michael Kerwin

SPACE IS LIMITED! Applications are being accepted  until May 15 OR until the course is full. 

Application forms available here.