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GEOG 3940 : Urban Geographies of New York City


GEOG 3940 - 4 credits

Course Dates: June 10-16 , 2018
Location: New York, New York
Instructor: Eric Boschmann
Application Deadline: May 15 (SPACE IS LIMITED)


Description: This course examines the rise of the modern metropolis through intensive study of New York City. Participants in this course will observe and experience the city through spirited urban hiking and subway riding to learn key themes in urban geography including, the historic evolution of the city, changes in dominant urban issues across time, and contemporary approaches to understanding human urban landscapes. Specifically this class will focus upon urban change, urban growth and development, urban infrastructures and transportation, urban design and architecture, economies of the city, tourism and culture, social geographies, and urban sustainability. The course will be conducted entirely in New York City.

Approximate travel costs*:
Airfare: $300-400 (Students are responsible for making flight arrangements)
Program Fee: $1500 (Covers lodging, transit pass, museum entrance fees, cultural activities, and 2 group meals)
Food:  $40 (Per Day)
Cancellation Fee: $1500 (Non-refundable, applied to student account in event student drops course after being registered.
*Tuition fees are in addition to these costs.  These costs are estimates and therefore subject to change.

For more course information contact Eric Boschmann

*Please send completed course application to Eric Boschmann