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Special Programs

Interterm Courses

Interterm Courses

Registration/Drop/Travel Information

Registration/Drop Information

Interterm Course Load Policy
The recommended student course load is one 4 or 5 credit Interterm course per Interterm session. Approval for more than one Interterm course must be sent in writing to
It is recommended that students work with their academic advisor for approval and or review of any interterm course.

Students may register for on campus and online courses via PioneerWeb.
Online registration is NOT available for travel courses. 

How to register for domestic travel courses

  • Register by phone at 303-871-2360
  • Register in person at the Special Programs Office located at 2335 S York St.
  • Complete a registration form and email it to

NOTE: Space is limited on all travel courses and registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. As a result, you may apply/register for a travel course as soon as it is posted on our website or announced by your instructor. On-line Web registration dates do not apply to travel courses.

How to apply to participate in an international travel course

Students must submit a completed application packet below in order to participate in international travel courses. Completed forms will need to be emailed to specific Instructor in order to be considered for a travel course:

  • Application Packet
    • Please note that applications will not be considered until all forms are submitted. 


Tuition fees apply to all travel courses. Travel expenses will be incurred as a result of participation in travel courses, and these expenses are in addition to the cost of tuition.

Deposits/Cancellation fees

Special Programs does not collect deposits in advance for Interterm courses.
However, program fees apply to domestic and international travel courses. In the event a student registers for a course and subsequently drops the course, the program fee will be applied to the student's account.  Program fees are non-refundable.

Program fees

Program fees apply to all travel courses and are be applied to the tuition bill.
Program fees vary by course and are non-refundable. 

Dropping a course

You must contact Special Programs directly in order to drop a course. Do not contact the Office of the Registrar to drop your course. If you drop an on campus or online course by the end of the first day of class tuition charges will be dropped. If you drop a Travel course 2 weeks prior to the course start date tuition charges will be dropped. Cancelling any time after the above deadlines full tuition will be applied. Also, please keep in mind that program fees are non-refundable for travel courses.

Canceled courses

Travel courses may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment. This is the only instance in which a program fee will be refunded. Special Programs reserves the right to cancel any course and cannot be held responsible for travel expenses related to a cancelled course.

Travel Information

Travel accommodations

Students are responsible for all expenses related to travel, including flight, food, etc. Students are responsible for booking their own flights. For more information on accommodations, call us at 303-871-2360.

Required travel documents and waivers

Students are responsible for obtaining the proper documents required for domestic and international travel. This includes a valid state ID for domestic travel, and visas and passports for international travel. To find out what documents are necessary for your travel, U.S. citizens should contact the Department of State and international students should contact their local embassy. If traveling internationally, you will be required to turn a photocopy of your passport to Special Programs.

All students participating in a travel course must sign a Risk and Release Waiver prior to attending the course. This form will be made available to you by the Special Programs Office and your instructor(s). Students are also required to provide their health insurance information to the Special Programs Office. Students are responsible for any additional insurance, such as traveler’s insurance, if desired. If you have any questions regarding documents required for your participation in a travel course, call 303-871-2360.