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Special Programs

Interterm Courses

Interterm Courses

Winter Courses: Nov. 21- Dec. 24, 2018

Nov. 21 - Dec. 24, 2018

Courses will be posted as soon as they have been confirmed, so please check back periodically. 

Online registration is available for all on campus and online courses via PioneerWeb on Sept 1st. Online registration is not available for travel courses. Contact Special Programs to reserve a seat in advance for any course.

Registration for travel courses will start September 1st. To register for a travel course, please call Special Programs directly at 303-871-4836. Space for travel courses is extremely limited so students are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

International travel courses

The deadline to apply for international travel courses is October 15 or when the course is full, unless otherwise noted.  Space is limited and students are admitted on a rolling basis, so students are strongly encouraged to apply early. 

  • Foundations in Religion: Religious and Social Justice in Vienna (RLGS 2106/3701)
  • Leadership and Sustainability in Belize (LDRS 2400)
  • Africa-The Ghana-Cote d'Ivoire Experience (ENGL 2708)
  • Dharamsala, Tibet and the Power of Nonviolence (ABRD 3510/ABRD 4510)


  • Photography & Culture in Rome (ARTS 3701)
  • Israel and the U.S.: A Comparison of Business, Legal & Ethical Issues (LGST 3701/4701) (REAL 3701/4701)
  • Conservation, Community, and Culture (INTS 3708)
  • Development Dilemmas (GEOG 3930)

  • Andean Landscapes: Cusco and the Inca Trail (GEGO 2320)
South Africa 
  • Geographies of South Africa (GEOG 2880/4880) 

Domestic travel courses

The deadline to register for domestic travel courses is October 31 or when the course is full, unless otherwise noted.  Space is limited and students are admitted on a rolling basis. Students are strongly encouraged to register early. 
Aspen, Colorado

  • Stress Management (MGMT 3700/4700) 

On-campus courses

  • Poe & The Birth of Horror (ENGL 2708)
  • Versions of Magical Realism in Literature and Cinema (ENGL 2708)

Gender Women's Studies

  • Feminism & Film (GWST 2700)


  • Current Marketing Perspectivies (MKTG 3705/4705)
  • Global Marketing Communications (MKTG 4800)
Media Film & Journalism Studies
  • Cannabis Journalism: Covering and Reporting on America's New Normal
    (MFJS 3900/4912)
  • Star Wars and the Power of Franchise: How Myth and Branding Created a Legend (MFJS 3900/4912)
  • Popular Film & Philosophy (PHIL 2701)
Public Policy
  • Denver Dynamics (PPOL 4701)
Religious Studies
  • Angels in the Architecture (RLGS 3701)
  • Capital Punishment (SOCI 2795)
  • Racism & Anti-Racism through Film (SOCI 2701)
  • Technology & Society (SOCI 2735)
  • Interview-Based Theater (THEA 3700)

Online courses

  • Food Through Culture (COMN 2700) 
  • Urban History Economic History Through Cinema (ECON 2701) 
  • People, Places and Landscapes (GEOG 1410) 
  • German Civilization: History, Politics and Culture (GERM 1461) 
  • Nazi Germany (ASEM 2720) 
History/Judaic Studies
  • American Christians and Israel: Historical and Contemporary Issues (HIST 2702/JUST 2702)
  • Popular Culture of Japan (JAPN 1216)
  • Japanese Film (ASEM 2606)