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American Christians & Israel: Historical and Contempaory Issues

American Christians & Israel: Historical and Contemporaory Issues

HIST 2702/JUST 2702- 4 credits

Dates: November 27 - December 17, 2017
Days: M-F
Time: Online
Instructor: Jonathan Sciarcon


Description: Beginning in the 19th century, this course examines the historical relationship between American Christians perceptions of Jewish nationalism and subsequent relationship with the state of Israel. As American Christianity is marked by diversity we will be studying how members of various groups including Catholics, Mainline Protestants, Evangelical Protestants, and Black Protestant churches, have viewed or interacted with the concept of Jewish nationalism and the state of Israel. Our main focus, however, will be on Mainline and Evangelical Protestants. We will also examine how these groups' relationships with American Jews and their perceptions of American national interests influenced their respective views on these subjects. Finally, we will also study how the state of Israel and its advocates in the US have aimed to engage with American Christians in order to advance Israel's political, economic, and military interests.

Contact: Jonathan Sciarcon